Attack analysis and Security concepts for MObile Network infrastructures,
supported by collaborative Information exchAnge

PDF Deliverables of the ASMONIA project

Written deliverables of the ASMONIA project are available on this page as PDF files.


  • D1.4: Validation of cooperative methods
    2013-07-01; Download (PDF, 1.2 MB).
  • D2.3: Establishing UE and NE Protection Methods - Security Infrastructure Integration and Re-Evaluation
    2013-06-19; Download (PDF, 4.1 MB).
  • D3.3: Design and Implementation of an Intercloud demonstrator
    2013-05-29; Download (PDF, 940 KB).
  • D3.4: Evaluation of the Intercloud Demonstrator
    2013-07-01; Download (PDF, 825 KB).
  • D4.2: Methods for Classification, Assessment, Treatment and Evaluation of Information Security Risk - Continous Security Risk Reduction for Critical Information Infrastructures
    2013-05-22; Download (PDF, 3.3 MB).
  • D4.3: Methods for Collaborative Detection and Analysis - Botnet Detection Use Case and Collaborative Warning Exchange
    2013-02-01; Download (PDF, 1.5 MB).
  • D5.3: Evaluation of Protection Concepts- Evaluation Report
    2013-06-24; Download (PDF, 850 KB).
  • D6.1(II): yet to come



  • D4.1(I): Development of a Monitoring System for Security Risk Reduction
    2011-06-16; Download (PDF, 1.6 MB).
  • D1.1: Reference Architecture for Collaboration in Mobile Networks
    2011-06-16; Download (PDF, 1.7 MB).
  • D3.1: Analysis of Requirements for the Deployment of Cloud Systems
    2011-05-12; Download (PDF, 2.4 MB).
  • D2.1: Evaluating Methods to assure System Integrity and Requirements for Future Protection Concepts
    2011-04-03; Download (PDF, 5.2 MB).
  • D5.1(I): Threat and Risk Analysis for Mobile Communication Networks and Mobile Terminals
    2011-03-28; Obsoleted by D5.1(II).

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